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When I was a young girl I wanted to take piano lessons. At the time my father worked with someone that explained his wife gave lessons. So, once a week I began going to the Silverman’s house to learn my notes and scales.

At home, I practiced what I had learned from the workbook but couldn’t play without a piano of my own. Understandably, my father was initially hesitant to invest into buying a piano, as it was a big expense and I could easily change my mind. Week after week though, I proved that I truly wanted to learn.

I can still remember the smell of the piano store, my excitement admiring the shiny ivories, and in choosing the right one along side my parents and the salesman.

I practiced every day.

Mrs. Silverman came to our home once a week and drew with different colored markers on new sheets of music. She made sure I wasn’t being lazy with my pinky (that I sometimes tried to be). Don’t rest your wrists! Hold them up!

Each week I was getting big, happy, check marks on successfully completed lessons for a job well done. Then the day came for Ludwig Van Beethoven’s Für Elise. I can still recall the black notes etched importantly, as if poetry, a language of their own. I thought I’d never learn, but in fact I did. Never by heart though, as I did Fiddler on the Roof, Somewhere Over the Rainbow, or my all time favorite, Where Do I Begin from Love Story.

I loved the piano from everything I can remember, and still do. Yet, one day lessons came to a halt.  I was too distracted being a fourteen year old. I didn’t take the time to practice as much. Reflecting back, I wish for my sake that someone would have instilled the importance of continuing my practice, or at the least had been patient with me on the days I was distracted. Perhaps they were, and I simply couldn’t hear the tune of their words with a preoccupied teenage mind.  Today, I might still be able to play as well, or better!

As an adult, I used to sit down at the piano about twice a month to play what I could recall by heart, and of course from reading the music (though rusty).

The last home I moved into had a challenging set of stairs, and I painstakingly came to a decision to give the piano (a gift to me from my parents) away to my goddaughter.  It was the only thing that made sense to me, or that I could find solace.

My hope – is she will learn to play elegantly, and that I may enjoy listening to her while remembering my own young hands – how they once made beautiful music.

Maria DellaPorte ©2016 All Rights Reserved


I have a good heart!


I show respect and gentleness towards all living things, except for of course, Centipedes, large-hairy-spiders, or water bugs. They have me stomping to kill, send me running screaming in disgust, and no matter what Buddha says, I find no love for these creatures! Blick… They don’t even have a word for describing.

So, it’s summer in Long Beach on a beautiful, sunny Tuesday.  I’m thankful.  Last October we suffered an awful hurricane, Sandy, that among a thousand negative things, seems to have stirred up the bug colonies under the soil. It’s certainly average to see a Beatle, from time to time, get into the house, and ants in spring, or after a good rain can become a nuisance. Try however, a Beatle in bed with you on three separate occasions and nuisance quickly becomes Insectophobia! Yeah, it’s been at least five weeks since one of my companions has come to spend the night with me but be that as it may, I still go to sleep with cotton in my ears every night since my nephew explained their hankering for building nests in one’s ear cana! Thank you.

When for the first time I saw the little ants in my bathroom I didn’t like it but accepted their misguided steps, and asked them kindly to leave and find a puddle. They weren’t ready to reason with me.

Notice in the below video all of the beauty, the calming sound of flutes, and most importantly that none of these creatures are in my home, Buddha.


Anyone that knows me will tell you my home is immaculate. I don’t like dirt and everything is organized, so frankly, bugs are an insult.

Now, I tried to follow Buddha’s example and absolutely did everything within reason to peacefully, lovingly, escort these stubborn bastards from my home!

Today, I woke up and while preparing my coffee and refilling a sugar bowl, I found an ant colony having a party in my baking goods!  I swear they were dancing and I could hear salsa music. Well, let’s just say that I went from Buddha (or trying to be) to Al Pacino, in his character as Tony in Scarface, in seconds flat!  THAT’S RIGHT, YOU WANNA PLAY? SAY HELLO TO MY LITTLE FRIEND!

Raid, a wet mop, smashing guts, all with bedhead and a pre-coffee attitude, I declared victory!  A most sinister snarl came across my face and I said,  “That’s right, you’re gonna die here! Tell all your friends!

I could hear the chanting of peaceful, loving of all creatures, souls, in the far distance taking pity on my lost sanity.